Indoor Event Venue

5 Questions For Choosing An Indoor Event Venue

In planning an event, one of the first choices needs to be that of the venue. In Denver, our crazy weather can make finding a location difficult unless you have flexibility in pulling an outside event indoors, or visa-versa. Whether a wedding, a friend’s birthday party, or a corporate “get together”, there are 5 questions you need to ask to help you make it a success. To keep it simple, we will go with the “5W’s” approach: Who, What, When, Where, Why.

Who will be attending?

This seems like a no-brainer, but… Continue reading

Non Traditional Wedding Venue

Winter in the Rose Garden

Non-traditional wedding venue


The Morning Call recently reported on the growing trend for weddings and event space in cemeteries as more and more millennials are looking for space outside of religious organizations. They are looking for a non-traditional wedding venue because it better fits their ideas for true personalization, closer connection to their values as a ‘None’, or to allow for more inclusion for their unique lifestyles.


Fairmount, with the city’s largest collection of stained glass, largest arboretum, lavish rose garden, and several chapels, has already hosted several small weddings during its 126… Continue reading

Are You Planning a Retro Wedding?

Unique and memorable weddings will never go out of style, but today’s engaged couples are resurrecting some trends from the past and incorporating them into their modern day “I do’s”. We found these trends to be rather memorable. Take your personality and style and make them uniquely yours. Pulling from trends dating back as far as the 20’s, vintage and retro weddings are lavish, whether done simply or extravagantly.
Fall hats are a fun way to compliment an outfit and make a lovely addition to an already unique bridal party. As we see in current fashion, fedoras are not… Continue reading

How to Choose a Corporate Holiday Party Venue


When choosing a corporate holiday party venue, a hotel seems to be a go-to place. When it comes to corporate parties and conferences, however, there seems to be some pro’s and con’s to that idea. I wanted to take a moment to tell you two stories about businesses, one who chose a hotel as their corporate holiday party venue and one who didn’t, and why.

The Hotel Corporate Holiday Party Venue

I met a business client who would book a hotel for his staff as their annual corporate holiday party venue. Each staff member and their partner were treated to a dinner in a private dining area and after the evening’s activities, could retire to their rooms.

While his staff was captive at dinner, he would give a “state of the company” address and present awards. When done, he would head to his room early and allow the staff to enjoy the dining area and drinks (on their own dime) as long as they wanted. After the dining area closed, the hotel offered a bar with music, and the staff could dance and enjoy the hotel. He didn’t worry about staff driving home drunk, especially with the winter weather outside.

The employer gave the staff an experience and it was something some of them looked forward to every year, while others were a bit indifferent. (It seems this would be true of any perk an employer were to give.) The problem with the hotel corporate holiday party venue concept was that some staff, given the permission to drink as much as they wanted, shifted the business experience to “less than professional”. Additionally, the next morning, some staff (and their partners), were pretty sick from their night of partying. Continue reading

Holiday Party Checklist

Let’s Get Ready to Party for the Holidays! A Holiday Party Checklist
The fall hQuebec Place Holiday Partyolidays are right around the corner. Corporate holiday parties, family gatherings, New Year’s celebrations with friends… they will all be happening before you know it. What do you need to be ready? This checklist will guide your holiday parties to make them a success!
Holiday Party Checklist: 6-8 Weeks Out
Set a date and announce it. People are busy, busy, so get the date out there so your invitees can save it, and prepare, if needed.
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Your Perfect Graduation Party

Someone say Party?? Graduation Party?


Once the graduation ceremony is over, and the grad cap and gown are no longer needed, and the diploma is either in hand or soon to be mailed, it’s time to celebrate! Woot!

It’s best to make party plans ahead since there’s a lot to consider.

Questions to ask yourself as you prepare for the graduation party..

  1. When do I have the graduation party?
  2. Where do I want to have the party?
  3. Guest list – How many guests do I invite and who?
  4. How do I invite friends/relatives?
  5. Weather – What if it rains?
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History of the Birthday Party

The celebration of your birth actually comes from the Egyptians. They believed that when the pharaohs were crowned they were turned into God’s. Their transition date was much more important that their actual birth date. Continue reading