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For all of life's celebrations and milestones.

Celebrate Your

When you pull out your photo album of your life (or in today’s world scroll back through your Facebook page), what do you see?

Vacations, Good Times, Birthdays, Holidays.


These times are what we remember most.


When we plan your birthday, wedding, anniversary or even corporate party, we want to really get to know the entire environment that you and your guests would remember.

A fine dinner party where everyone is dressed to the nines and there is your favorite local jazz band playing, or a down home whiskey bar b que where everyone has on their spurs and the food is devoured with your fingers.

Perhaps you want to celebrate your anniversary with a dozen close friends and family in an intimate setting, or you want to invite all of your 200 clients and staff to the biggest company party you have ever thrown.

The Q is so flexible, with innovative spaces and with a staff focused on creating whatever environment we can imagine, from Cinderella’s ball to casino night.

Let’s Plan Your Next…


You have accomplished so much this past year. It is time to gather friends and family and celebrate the anniversary of your life.

You are only as old as you feel.


Finally you have found the one person who brings balance to your life and who you will cherish always.

Begin Your Life Together


Every year together is another reason to celebrate the vows you took at the beginning of marriage

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